1. Contact your insurance company’s claim center and report your house has received hail damage. Be sure to tell them the date of loss.
  2. Once you have reported the claim, contact a Countrywide Contracting Claims Specialist with the
    claim number and other insurance information you may have at the time.
  3. The insurance company will contact you with the name and phone # of your claims adjuster, along with the date and time the adjuster will be coming out to inspect your home. Contact our Claims Specialist with this information. To protect your best interests, we would like to meet with your adjuster on your behalf to identify all damages due to wind or hail and try to come to an agreement on the full scope of
    loss for homeowner. This benefits you more.
  4. After the meeting with an insurance adjuster a Countrywide Contracting Claims Specialist will
    contact you. You will then be informed what the insurance company will be covering on your home and
    can set up a time to select the products and colors you wish to use. All products used by Countrywide
    Contracting, Inc. will be of same quality or better than existing.
  5. At some point in the process your insurance company will typically send out a claim report and the first
    insurance payment (check). When you receive this, contact a Countrywide Contracting
    Claims Specialist so we can review the paperwork together and get the project started.
  6. Once the products and colors have been selected, a Countrywide Contracting Claims Specialist will
    schedule your project for production.
  7. Upon completion of your project, our professional inspector will examine the work and pick up left
    over materials.
  8. After we receive the insurance paperwork and your project is deemed complete, both you and your insurance company will receive a final invoice. When you receive the final check from your insurance company, the remainder of the invoice is due.