How do you know if you have hail damage?
Are there other roofs being put on in your neighborhood? Do you see Contractor job signs in yards or have you received a flyer, door hanger or had a telemarketer call you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have hail damage. It is probably worth your while to have it checked out by a trained professional be it a roofing contractor or insurance adjuster.

My roof is not leaking so why should I have it replaced?
If you have hail damage you should have it replaced as soon as possible. Just because your roof doesn’t leak immediately doesn’t mean it won’t six months from now. This damage, now being exposed to the harsh elements will only accelerate the deterioration of your roof system.

What if my insurance company came out and said I have no damage but all my neighbors are getting new roofs?
Just because an insurance adjuster says you have no damage doesn’t mean it’s not there. Insurance companies hire adjusters to assess damage on your roof but their specialty may not be roofs. They may have been adjusting damage to cars last week and now they’re roof adjusters. Think about this, “Do they really want to pay me money to fix this?” Our Claims Specialists at Countrywide Contracting, Inc. are skilled at identifying storm damage. With digital cameras we will photo-document this damage. You see, what we’ve seen. What your adjuster will see, with our help.

My insurance company said I had to get three estimates before I choose a contractor.
Not so! It’s your right to select a contractor of your choice. It’s also your right to choose a contractor based on QUALITY, not low price. We specialize at working with insurance companies during the claim process and getting you every dollar you are entitled to within the guidelines of your policy, nothing more and nothing less. Countrywide Contracting, Inc. works with the same estimating program as the major Insurance Companies use to make the process as easy as possible. Most contractors have limited, if any experience in the complicated world of insurance settlements. Our Claims Specialists are trained to get you a quick, no-hassle claim settlement and a HIGH QUALITY RESTORATION of your home.

Ok, I have received my insurance paperwork but the amount they allowed to repair my roof is lower than that of my contractor estimates. Do I have to pay the difference?
No! Sometimes insurance companies exclude coverage’s of essential items, sometimes referred to as incidentals. These incidentals include permit fees, flashing's, tax-code upgrades, dumpster fees, etc. The paperwork your insurance company gives you is an estimate. If it’s low,which they usually are, we will provide to the insurance company a detailed estimate for repairs/replacements at insurance pricing with all incidentals included in the estimate. We make sure the pricing is agreed on by the insurance company before work starts.